Exfoliating Tips for the Perfect Tan

Tanning prep is the absolute most important part of getting a perfect spray tan! Here are some tips for preparing your skin!

Exfoliation Tips

The day before your spray tan:


Step 1. Soak in the bath

This will help your skin become soft and ready for exfoliation. Dry patches of skin can be difficult to remove, so this helps ease the process.


Step 2. Steamy atmosphere

Make sure the room is steamy. This helps open up your pores to create a deeper exfoliation.

Perfect Spray Tan

Step 3. Exfoliate!

Scrub your skin in a circular motion all over. Don’t forget areas like under your arms, and your neck and face!


Step 4. Rinse off

Rinse the scrub off in a hot shower. If you use body wash, make sure it is paraben and sulfate free!


Step 5. Moisturize!

Apply a lotion all over your body. This will help keep your skin moisturized and ready for a perfect, Soel Beauty, tan!

Spray Tan Prep

“What if the day of my spray tan arrives, and I haven’t exfoliated?!”

Don’t worry! Here is a quick version for the day of:


Step 1. Hop into the shower, repeat step 3 from above, and rinse off.


Step 2. DON’T moisturize and don’t apply deodorant!


Happy Tanning!

Happy Spray Tanning!

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