Golden Rules of Spray Tanning

To get that perfect golden glow… you first need to know the golden rules of spray tanning!


The Perfect Spray Tan

Choose your company carefully

Although there are thousands of self-tanning companies in the world, many turn your skin orange, cause other skin irritations or problems, or become stinky after a few hours. As a member of the Soel Beauty team, we pride ourselves in the color of our solution and the perfect application!


Prep your skin

We can’t stress this enough!! It is SO IMPORTANT to have clean skin when applying tanning solution. Make sure to shave areas that need to be shaved, exfoliate your entire body- face included, AND put lotion in the areas that have thinner skin. Tops of feet, ankles, knees, elbows, hands, fingers, etc.


Dress accordingly

Make sure to wear clothing that is loose and won’t ruin the beautiful spray tan that you just applied. Also, the tan will come out of your clothing better if you wash it sooner, same with your bedding if you end up sleeping overnight with your tan.

Soel Beauty Spray Tan

Stand still

During your tan, don’t move around. Even moving your head around can mess up the tan on your neck. The littlest movements can make the biggest difference.


Shower properly

Wait the desired amount of time to let your tan develop. We suggest waiting about 8 hours for it to develop into the perfect bronze that you want. When you shower, don’t scrub harshly, just rinse. Your tan may look a lot lighter when you get out of the shower, but don’t worry! It will keep deepening hours after.


Skip your workout

To avoid streaking and an uneven tan, skip your workout for the day, and relax while your tan does all the work!

Rules of Spray Tanning



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